New Fashion Accessory For Your Footwear!

South Shore Fitted has been introduced to a new footwear accessory!

 We want to hear from YOU and get your feedback on what you personally think about this new fashion trend!

Shoeture Hooks

Shoeture Hooks, Silver.

Shueture Hooks, Gold.

Shoeture Tangs

Shoeture Tangs.

Shoeture Kings


Shoeture Kings. Shoeture Kings, BeatFreaks.


Please create an account with (if you dont already have one) and leave your feedback below!

If it’s easier for you to respond through Myspace, Facebook or Twitter you find us there as well! Our links to those sites are below for you to follow.

Myspace Link:

Facebook Link:

Twitter Link:

Or you can simply email us at

South Shore Fitted wants to get their fans involved with our business, let us know what you think of the new fashion footwear accessory!

If you have found any street wear trends that you believe will be a great addition to our store in South Lake Tahoe we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for all the support and stay FITTED at South Shore Fitted!


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