It’s the Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year again!

Stuffing yourself with the most amazing foods of the year on Thanksgiving with the people you enjoy being around the most! Spending the day decorating and listening to holiday music, kids running around, catching up with family and friends… Christmas time is here! Wrapping presents, opening presents, sharing gifts and memories with the one’s you love and most importantly, celebrating the birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

People spend a lot of time preparing and getting ready for these holidays months in advance! Planning meals and travel time is the least of the worries for most when it comes to shopping during this time of year! Waking up early for holiday sales, waiting in the long lines at the store and sitting in traffic in the middle of the week! The holidays shouldn’t always be that stressful and overwhelming!

South Shore Fitted wants to help you out this holiday season! Starting the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 27,2009, South Shore Fitted will be having FREE SHIPPING when you shop with us online! South Shore Fitted ships worldwide through UPS! Visit us online to see what sales are going on for Footwear, Headwear, Apparel and Accessories for men and women!

The photo below includes the brands that we carry and offer to you at South Shore Fitted and Online, find us on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on our products and event’s!




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